Stripping and Waxing Floors – Louisville, KY

Stripping and Waxing Floors – Louisville, KY

Stripping and Waxing floors in Louisville, KY is in high demand especially for quality waxing jobs. Stripping a floor can be a very difficult task when the tile has been stained or damaged from heavy use. VCT repair can be performed by shaving the tile down until the stain is removed. This does not always solve the issue. The wax is meant to protect and give a shine to the vinyl composite tile.


Waxing is must be applied to a freshly stripped floor to insure no small dirt particles or debris are trapped in the wax. Trade Mark Floors, Inc. uses the most advanced techniques and equipment to complete any size stripping and waxing project.


Maintaining your floor is essential to longevity for your floor covering. Trade Mark Floors, Inc. also offers services in cleaning your flooring – carpet, VCT, LVT, LVP, and concrete sealed floors. We use high profile auto scrubbers and environmental safe products to maintain your floors!

Floor Leveling Contractor – Louisville, KY

Commercial Floor Leveling - Louisville, KY

Floor Leveling Contractor – Louisville, KY

In today’s market, we often run into subfloors that are destroyed and need major repair.  Trade Mark Floors, Inc. is Louisville’s top floor leveling contractor; we are accustom to the subfloor being – awful, uneven, terrible, worse ever and even missing. Concrete subfloors after time will break down after install and tear out – then install then tear out – then install then tear out, you can get the picture. Concrete can only withstand so much stress, that’s where we come in.


Subfloors can also move over time, as buildings age their structural integrity will begin to give way. As walls begin to sag, the subfloor will be the first to show signs of stress. With raised cracks and splitting concrete subfloor will need to be altered to apply flooring. The only way to fix this situation is grind, remove, and fill with new self-leveling concrete.


Trade Mark Floors, Inc. has is the #1 floor leveling contractor in Louisville KY. We have the man power and tools to completely re-pour your floor and fill in the gaps! We use self-leveling materials to ensure that your floor is the ultimate flatness and ready for any type of flooring.


Trade Mark Floors, Inc. specializes in repairing concrete floors for any commercial application. Our self-leveling systems are the best on the market using products from Uzin. Uzin has been in the concrete and porter cement industry for over 150 years!


Call us today for any subfloor restoration!

Choosing the Right Carpet – Commercial Carpet

Commercial Carpet and Carpet Tiles

When choosing carpet there are certain things one must always keep in mind.

  1. Traffic – Is it a high traffic area say an offices space hallway? Or is it a residential space, like a bedroom?
  2. Type of Material – Nylon, Propylene, or Polyester? Each have their own benefits, for example Nylon is much easier to stain than Propylene because of the way they dye the color into the carpet. Stain protection comes down to the protection they offer on the carpet.
  3. Type of Backing – There are several different types of carpet backing
    1. Action Back – Which is the standard carpet backing, it looks like a bunch of little squares. It seems very ruggid to the feel and sometimes will create dust of some sort.
    2. Unitary Backing – This backing is like the action back but has much more material in the backing to keep the carpet attached to the floor and to prevent raveling. This type of carpet is ideal for high traffic areas.
    3. Flex Back – This type of backing is not meant for stretching in. This type of carpet is designed to be glued down

Now theses principles primarily apply to broadloom carpet or carpet that comes in rolls — 12 ft in width.

There is also a very economical and long lasting sister product to broadloom carpet – Carpet Tiles.

Carpet Tiles are great for any application at the office, home, garage, and warehouse. The beauty of carpet tiles is the ability to repair and replace at any time. Carpet Tiles should be installed with the manufacturers proper adhesive or stickers which most of time allows the end user to replace easily.

We have plenty of options when it comes carpet tiles and broadloom carpet.


Vinyl Composite Tile – VCT – Louisville, KY

Vinyl Composite Tile VCT

Installed over 500,000 sq. ft. of  VCT in Louisville, KY

Trade Mark Floors has over 35 years worth of experience working with VCT otherwise known as Vinyl Composite Tile. One of Trade Mark Floors first commercial projects was the Beecher Terrace Housing project in the 80’s. This project consisted of 500 apartment buildings, with 6 units in each.

VCT – Vinyl Composite Tile – Is a manufactured vinyl based product with Polyvinyl Chloride PVC chips inserted for color. It is used in high traffic areas for its durability and ease of maintenance. VCT comes in 12” x 12” tiles which are a 1/8” thickness. There are hundreds of colors to choose to from. We have installed VCT all over Louisville, like at children’s facility All About Kid’s.

VCT is normally used in hallways, server rooms, bathrooms, gym floors, and stair landings. VCT is great for any application that you need to cover a lot of space at a low-cost budget. A great advantage to VCT is that when installed properly if any tile ever becomes damaged they can be lifted up and replaced easily.

We have a large color selection of VCT to fit any need. If you need some samples we would love to help you pick the perfect color for your commercial flooring or residential project.

Best Flooring Contractor in Louisville

What makes the best flooring contractor in Louisville?

Trade Mark Floors, Inc. is the premiere commercial flooring contractor in Louisville, KY installing for over 25 years. Terry W Mialback founded the company in the 80’s with the intent to offer Louisville, KY top quality products and expert level installation.

This type of quality demands experience and leadership,  Trade Mark Floors offers unparalleled expertise and industry leading products in the flooring industry. We take pride in providing our clients with the best flooring solutions for their particular project. We want you to be proud of your floor, so we put the time and effort into making sure that happens!

We have done many different projects ranging from small entryways to large 30,000 Sq. Ft. office buildings. Because our staff is so knowledgeable and skilled in floor covering it is easy for us to find the needs of a client. Knowing when a client should use a luxury vinyl plank — rather than carpet in a high traffic area…. Is an example of the solutions that we offer to our clients. This ensures the client gets the proper lifetime from their flooring.


In order for Trade Mark Floors, Inc.uses only industry leading products like:

  • Shaw: Philadelphia
  • Shaw Contract Group
  • Mohawk
  • Mannington
  • Masland
  • Johnsonite
  • Roppe
  • Flexco
  • Mats Inc
  • Armstrong
  • American Tile
  • Patcraft