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Trade Mark Floors has been installing carpet since the 80’s. We have been installing carpet throughout Louisville, KY – Madison, IN – Nashville, TN – Daytona, FL in all kinds of facilities from new construction to beachfront condos. Carpet is what we like to call our bread and butter. We do a great job with carpet because our installers are Certified Carpet Installers with over 100 years experience between just 5 installers. They really know what they are doing.

Carpet is normally woven, injected, or attached to a backing in order to hold the carpet together and create a uniform look or pattern. Carpet can come in many different styles such as bourbour, cut pile, California twist, or level loop. Carpet is usually made up of one of the three following materials: Nylon, Propolyene, or Polyester. All these attributes will help the consumer determine the type of carpet they need for their flooring solution.

Carpet is great for commercial and residential depending on the type of backing and material used to create the rug. Carpet can be a great cost effective tool when building or it can be high priced designed to blow your guests away at your home. Carpet is very versatile and can be applied almost anywhere.

When choosing carpet there are certain things one must always keep in mind.

  1. Traffic – Is it a high traffic area? Or is it a residential space, like a bedroom?
  2. Type of Material – Nylon, Propolyene, or Polyester? Each have their own benefits, for example Nylon is much easier to stain than Propolyene because of the way they dye the color into the carpet.
  3. Type of Backing – There are several different types of carpet backing
    1. Action Back – Which is the standard carpet backing, it looks like a bunch of little squares. It seems very ruggid to the feel and sometimes will create dust of some sort.
    2. Unitary Backing – This backing is like the action back but has much more material in the backing to keep the carpet attached to the floor and to prevent raveling. This type of carpet is ideal for high traffic areas.
    3. Flex Back – This type of backing is not meant for stretching in. This type of carpet is designed to be glued down

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