Commercial Sheet Vinyl – Louisville KY

Homogenous and Heterogenous Sheet Vinyl

Commercial Sheet Vinyl is one of the most industrial sought after flooring applications when properly installed. Commercial Sheet Vinyl can be manufactured in two forms – homogenous and heterogeneous. Homogenous means the sheet vinyl is completely impenetrable to moisture, bacteria, and cleaning products. Homogenous Sheet Vinyl is very ideal for hospital, nursing home, operating, children’s facility, and commercial kitchens. The heterogeneous is also a very applicable product in these environments, it simply lacks the impenetrable surface.

Commercial Sheet Vinyl can and usually is “flash-coved” up the wall. This method of installation, bringing the sheet vinyl up the wall, can be referred to as integral base or continuous wall base. This type of application is normally finished off with a “cove-cap” usually made of metal or vinyl.

In Louisville, KY – Commercial Sheet Vinyl is on the rise as new hospitals, operating offices, kid facilities and not to mention great restaurants keep being built each day. Trade Mark Floors Inc. has the Certified Technicians on hand to install Armstrong, Forbo, Mohawk, and Johsonite Commercial Sheet Vinyl today!


Heating Welded Sheet Vinyl

Trade Mark Floors Inc. has been installing Heat-Welded Sheet Vinyl in Louisville for over 25 years!  Heat-Welding is another method used to install sheet vinyl compared to the tradition chemical weld. This method requires the installer to actually groove out the sheet vinyl and replace the joint with melted vinyl. Heat Welding is a very unique and beautiful art, performed by flooring technicians.

Before you have any work performed be sure you ask for pictures, references, and certifications. Trade Mark Floors, Inc. will happily provide ALL certifications and project photos! Call us Today 502-314-6715!

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