St. Aloysius GYM – Pee Wee Valley

Custom Vinyl Composite Tile VCT Design – Resilient Flooring

This is the St. Aloysius Catholic Church School Gymnasium that was recently added to the school’s campus. The gym was in need of an updated flooring solution containing a custom Vinyl Composite Tile VCT Logo and a play stage. Many gyms are now going with a Vinyl Composite Tile VCT based flooring solution because if it’s cost effectiveness and great resilient floor life.

Trade Mark Floors has installed many different gymnasiums with VCT and with 3/4″ Hardwood. We suggested to St. Aloysius to use the VCT because this is a children’s based facility, things are going to get messed up and damaged. The great thing about VCT is that if any tile becomes damaged you can simply take that tile up and replace it with a new one. With this being said, every project that requires to have VCT installed we always suggest ordering more that what is needed for future repairs. This also requires that the customer does their part in cleaning and waxing the floor regularly.

What also makes VCT nice is the ability to manipulate the material into designs that will blow the competition right off the court. We decided that we would install a their custom made logo directly in the center of the court. We were very proud of our ability to install such a design with precision. The only thing we can say is “GO EAGLES!”

This type of innovation and precision flooring is what makes Trade Mark Floors the premiere commercial flooring contractor in Louisville, KY.

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