Dealer Car Search – Rubber Flooring

Carpet Tile, Rubber Flooring, Ceramic Tile, & VCT!

Trade Mark Floors contributed to the building one of Louisville’s premier office complexes, Dealer Car Search. Trade Mark Floors was contracted by Lichtefeld Inc. to install Vinyl Composite Tile VCT, Carpet Tile, Ceramic Tile, and Rubber Flooring. This is one the largest projects that we have contracted.

We had to install over 2,200 SQ. YDS. of Carpet Tiles throughout 100 stationary cubicles. While we were cutting each cubicle; we had to keep the pattern correct throughout the entire complex. Using about 18 squares per cubicle and quarter turning the 3 style tile — the room really came alive. The carpet tile that we used was a 3 style tile which means that the pattern is made up of 3 different tiles. If you are interested in purchasing Carpet Tiles.


Rubber Gym Flooring installed on walkway!

Trade Mark Floors was also contracted to install Rubber Gym Flooring on a 8′ X 500′ walkway all the way around the complex.  This state of art complex wanted to be able to offer the best amities possible to their clients including Rubber Gym Flooring for comfortable exercise. We installed 22 –  3/8″ x 4′ x 50′ 400 lb Rubber Gym Flooring rolls using polyurethane glue to hold it down.

This product is very durable and very heavy, because this product is so dense. You must use a glue that will actually pull the Rubber Flooring to the concrete floor like a polyurethane based adhesive. This type of glue will insure that the floor will stay in position for long periods of time. As you can see from the photo we are very familiar with this product, by that I mean there are 2 different seams in this photo that are virtually undetectable.  Here is some more information about Rubber Flooring or purchasing information can be found here.

DCS-Rubber Flooring- Right

Ceramic Tile – Wood Look Plank 6″ x 36″

DCS - Carpet Tile - Louisville - Left
The owner of Dealer Car Search wanted to “WOW” his guests and clients with the beauty of his new office. He decided to use a beautiful Ceramic Tile that has look similar to Wood Plank. This style is becoming one of the hottest styles across America in floor covering. Many of our clients love this concept offering a wonderful wood look while offering the durability of Ceramic Tile.

Trade Mark Floors installed over 2,000 SQ. FT. of this type of Ceramic Tile throughout the new complex. After installing the product, we suggested to the owner that he clean the floor weekly and use a clear coat wax to keep the shine of the floor. Though he may like the shine, some manufacturers have developed products that will give the Ceramic Tile a mat or dual finish.

Check out some of our Ceramic Tile starting at $.99 Sq. Ft.!


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