Vinyl Composite Tile VCT

Installed over 500,000 sq. ft. of  VCT in Louisville, KY

Trade Mark Floors has over 25 years worth of experience working with VCT otherwise known as Vinyl Composite Tile. One of Trade Mark Floors first commercial projects was the Beecher Terrace Housing project in the 80’s. That project consisted of 500 apartment buildings with 6 apartments in each. Lets just say that we have the experience, and experience tells you that they are heavy boxes of VCT.

VCT – Vinyl Composite Tile – Is a manufactured vinyl based product with Polyvinyl Chloride PVC chips inserted for color. It is used in high traffic areas for its durability and ease of maintenance. VCT comes in 12” x 12” tiles which are a 1/8” thickness. There are hundreds of colors to choose to from. We have installed VCT all over Louisville, like at children’s facility All About Kid’s.

VCT is normally used in hallways, server rooms, bathrooms, gym floors, and stair landings. VCT is great for any application that you need to cover a lot of space at a low-cost budget. A great advantage to VCT is that when installed properly if any tile ever becomes damaged they can be lifted up and replaced easily.

We have a large color selection of VCT to fit any need. If you need some samples we would love to help you pick the perfect color for your commercial flooring or residential project.

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